What is Faith?

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Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

Hebrew 11:1

The word translated “substance” comes from the Greek word "hupostasis", which means “a substructure or foundation , subject matter, essence, personality, a placing or setting under.”

We all know glucose powder, and we love it. Now that glucose which people see as white is the powder. But under that powder, there are multiple Carbon and hydrogen chains that form the Glucose but can not be seen with a naked eyes. 

So, the carbon and hydrogen chains are the substructure, substance, the "hupostasis" .

Now faith is defined as the substance(substructure) of things hoped for.

Meaning, faith is that thing that forms what you are really hoping to obtain. So faith is the hupostasis of the things hoped for. The reality of the things unseen. 

That means, if you have the faith, you have got the thing.

Hupostasis is also translated as the "foundation "

So then we can read the verse above as "Now faith is the foundation of things hoped for....."

That means, if you are hoping for a car and you don't have faith, it means, you are the same as a man who wants to construct a house without the foundation.

Having faith is building a firm foundation of what you are expecting, that means by all means you will receive because your foundation is strong. And what you have received will last. Glory be to God.


_Heavenly father, I thank you because your word of faith has uplifted my understanding of your ways. I thank you for all things you have given unto us in Christ Jesus. Amen._

Futher study : John 14:12-14

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