Not by power nor by might

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²¹  Then they willingly took him into the boat, and immediately the boat reached land at the place they were heading for. (John 6:21)

It so happened that, after Jesus had fed over five thousand men without counting women and children, he said goodbye to them and he went into the wilderness to pray. Instead of the disciples going with him, they decided to go and sit into the boat and cross the sea to the other side.

What is funny is that, these men kept struggling to row and by around 3-4am, they had not yet crossed. Even Jesus came walking on foot and he was bypassing them, then they shouted and Jesus had to turn to them and he was like, "friend, you mean you are still here? I thought you had already reached a long time ago"

The scriptures made it so clear that a strong wind opposed them. 

Now, the wind is a symbol of a force that opposes people from reaching there destinies.

And Jesus was trying to open there eyes so that they could see that what they were calling wind was not just a wind but a spiritual force that was resisting them. And that force could only be defeated by a person who prays. 

Jesus was from prayer, and when he sat into that boat, it reached the land immediately. 

Oh, somebody didn't get it, the bible said, when Jesus sat into that boat, it immediately reached the land without any struggle.

If these disciples had prayed that night, they would not have faced such a struggle but since they were not seeing the importance of prayer, they rushed to travel and even left their master behind and that's how they ended up into a mess.

So, the scripture is trying to tell us that we should always pray, because everytime we pray, we are agreeing to walk together with Jesus and guess what, the moment the spiritual forces working against us sees Jesus, they just give up because they know they can't win.

This portion of scripture is saying, when you walk without Jesus, things will be really difficult, but the moment you allow him into your life and decided to walk with him daily, things will happen so quickly and easily that people will not understand you. And when they don't understand, that's when they will brand you, a witch, thief.... etc.

If you want things to happen with ease, learn to make Jesus involved in it through prayer.


So, when you are doing things in life, let Jesus lead your way and things will really be simple.

The scripture says, not by power , nor by might but by my spirit. So, let the spirit of God simplify for you things.


Father, I thank you that your spirit is simplifying everything in my life and destiny, I thank you that I am reaching sooner than usual and everything is moving faster than usual, in Jesus name.. Amen.

Still remain your friend,

Otim Brian Sundison

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