Revelation 12:11 But they have conquered him by the blood of the Lamb  and by the word of their testimony, for they did not cling to life even in the face of death.

These are some of the testimonies we have received from those who have been following the message that we proclaim. 

It's not intended to be used for boosting but to help others also develop faith and have hope in what they hear and read. 

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1. Luke (Sudan)

2. Joseline from Nakawa;

Greetings to everyone. I'm so pleased to testify this to you. I would like to thank my brother and pastor Brian.

I had a 6yr old girl, it so happened that for the past three years, she had been falling sick constantly. The sickness would attack her and every time we take her to the clinic, we find malaria. Then we treat it. But the malaria would be so severe that her whole body would be shaking.

It kept happening like this for the past 3yrs, Everytime she would fall sick, we would just know the malaria is back again, and so we would rush with her to the hospital. Indeed the the test would confirm malaria. 

We even got used of her sickness and thought that was just her nature. We even made her sleep under a treated mosquito net but still nothing would change.

Then, one day, I was reading about an article called "shifting from condemnation to grace-By Otim Brian Sundison", and in there I landed on a page, where he was talking about how he prayed and a very sick child was healed. When I read that, I developed something within me, that if that child could be healed, even my daughter can be healed.

I then got the contact and decided to call that very day, I remembered it was in the evening. I was so afraid to call but then I wanted my daughter to be healed. He received my call and we talked and made arrangement to meet.

When morning came, he told me to bring the child. The night before, I didn't sleep, the malaria attacked the child again and I was just busy cooling her body all night long. 

When I brought the child, she was shivering and complaining of coldness yet the body was too hot. She couldn't walk or eat anything, yet just the previous evening she was playing and dancing and everything was going good.

Then Brian told me to sit down and hold the child, and called in a few people to help in singing. To me, it was so dramatic because the people who came in were not the people who pray so much. some of my relatives who don't even attend churches plus a few  religious people came in. We were around seven in the room. I said within me, can God really do anything with these people.

Then the prayer began, as those people were singing, Brian placed his hand on the forehead of my daughter, he thanked God and started ordering evil spirits to come out. But I was seeing nothing, and I nearly gave up because we had already spent time and nothing was coming out nor was there any change.

Just after a short time, my daughter's heard became too hot and I started seeing what looked like smoke coming from the middle of her head. I was so choked. But he kept commanding demons to leave her...

To cut the story short, after a few minutes of intense prayer, my daughter came back to normal and she was back on her feet, running everywhere and the joy in her heart was so much, she was shouting, I couldn't just imagine that moment. And from that time, it has taken already a year and half when we haven't seen her fall sick again. Glory and honor be to God and Jesus..Amen!

I would also like to extend my appreciation to Brian for putting his effort in reaching us with the word of God through Heavenly Atmosphere. May God bless you so much...

(NB: Due to privacy concern, the name and address has been altered)

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3. Juma from Masindi

Hello everyone, am grateful to be speaking with you.

As for me, I used to have something that would block my nose and I would just struggle to breath. Sometimes at night I would feel like my airway is getting block. Sometimes I would feel like I have flue blocking my nose, but when I try to blow it, nothing would come out.

I tried to seek madical attention but the treatment I would get wasn't changing anything.

But one-day, a friend sent me a link and in that link it had a PDF file written, "Shifting from condemnation to grace" by Otim Brian Sundison. I read it and I also listened to some YouTube audio.

After about two days, I had a dream at night. And in that dream, I saw Brian, he lifted up his right hand and said something in the name of Jesus, then something came out of my nose. The dream appeared like it was so real.

When I workup, I saw that some fluid was coming out of my nose. And I just discovered that my nose was fully opened and I didn't have to struggle with breathing again. It's been a year now and am just very fine. Glory be to Jesus. Amen.

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Message from the Heavenly Atmosphere

We would like to thank everyone who has sent there testimonies and not forgetting all those who has been providing financial support through the contribution In seeing that the word of God keep moving and spreading. May God bless you so much...Amen

The testimonies you are reading here is not a man made story but a true manifestation of God's power. The scripture say, all things are possible to him that believe (mark 9:23). If you dare Believe, then soon you will testify.

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