The biblical perspective of Tumors and cancer

One day, a lady contact me and she was complaining of too much pain in her lower abdomen, she told me, the doctors said she had very many tumors and she was bleeding alot, she said, she used to drive while sitting on blood. She expected me to pray for her that day, but I didn't, instead, I told her how to pray and that God was going to answer her.  She did as I told her and now she is free.

On another occasion, I was invited by a friend to pray for some friend of his who had suddenly fallen sick and could not even raise her head. As we were praying, a young man came in, he had swellings at different parts of his body. The spirit told me to call that man, and i prayed for him and his tumors are no more now.

So, today am inspired to talk to you about tumors and cancers in the biblical perspective.

And am seeing many people are being healed of their tumors and cancers of various degrees, just follow steady what is written here, you don't even need to see me or talk with me, because am not the one healing you, it's the Lord Himself.

It all started when, the Israelites started to ignor God (1 Samuel 2:12-16).

When the Philistines attacked them, they where greatly defeated because God was not with them. 

But it's important to note that, the Philistines didn't defeat the Israelites because they were any better, but because God wanted the Isrealites to understand that they had sinned. So the Philistines defeated the Israelites so bad that they even captured the Ark of the Lord.

After the Philistines capturing the ark of God, they took it from the battleground at Ebenezer to the town of Ashdod. They carried the Ark of God into the temple of Dagon and placed it beside an idol of Dagon. 

But when the citizens went to see it the next morning, Dagon had fallen with his face to the ground in front of the Ark of the Lord! So they took Dagon and put him in his place again. 

But the next morning the same thing happened-Dagon had fallen face down before the Ark of the Lord again. This time his head and hands had broken off and were lying in the doorway. Only the trunk of his body was left intact. 

That is why to this day neither the priests of Dagon nor anyone who enters the temple of Dagon in Ashdod will step on it's threshold.

Then the Lord's heavy hand struck the people of Ashdod and the nearby villages with a plague of tumors.

These people actually knew God, they knew how powerful he is and they even talked about how he defeated the Egyptians(1 Samuel 6:6). But  what brought them problem is that, they ignored him  simply because he is the God of the Israelites. So they took him for granted since they had a certain God before them called Dagon.

God in his mercy, was trying to correct them and trying to get their attention so that they get to understand that what they actually worship is not God, by making it fall off, and every time they try to put it back to it's place, it would fall and break the more. But they just ignored God.

And because they ignored God for So long, his hanger was kindled and tumor broke out.

Dagon, is a symbol, it's simply representing something that takes our attention from God.

Today, so many people have cut themselves from God because of some reasons which even they themselves can not fully tell. 

Some assume they are serving him, and yet they are just serving themselves, in their hearts, they have placed God in a small Corner but their focus is just on something else, it could be money, phone, followers, self..etc.

Some of us, we are too busy for God, we are always running up and down trying to do one business after another and we end up having no time for God. 

We don't give any offerings in honor of God, all we do is to take care of our children and ourselves, and we forget the God who gave us the energy to get up the next day.

My question for you is, have you been ignoring God in your life? Have you been putting so much forcus on yourself? It's now time, rise up..

Don't make this mistake

Here is the mistake so many of us make, When the tumor broke out in the midst of the Philistines, instead of asking God for mercy, they rejected him, and said, "We can't keep the ark of the Lord of Israel here any longer with us! We will be destroyed along with our god."(1 Samuel 5:7).

Don't make this mistake of rejecting or running away from God, it will do you no good.

Are things so tough on your side, is the pain too much, have you been told you only have a few days?.... Here is the hour to change your entire story....


So the leaders of the Philistines gathered and thought about what to do with this ark causing them problems, even up to now, they had not yet realized that the problem was not the ark but the problem was them ignoring God and putting trust in the so called god (Dagon).

So the leaders had no idea what to do, and they decided to call in all their priests and diviners and asked them, "what should we do, our people are dying?".

So the priests and diviners told them, "send the ark of the God of Israel back with a gift."

They asked, what kind of gift? 

Send a guilt offering so the plague will stop. Then when you are healed, you will know it was his hand that caused the plague.

So here is the point, the priests and diviners knew that, if they had sent back the ark alone, the tumor would not cease. But they had to send the guilt offering, to show that they acknowledged their sin, which sin? Ignoring God.

And when they did that, all the tumors and cancers ceased and all were healed.

Look, something powerful is here, the diviners told them to make five gold tumor and five rats, just like those that rage the land. The five represents the five cities which were afflicted.

But they made it clear that they should do this to show honor to God, the very honor they had failed to show at first.

The mystery is explained

But why a gold tumor and gold rat, and not gold dove or gold snake?

The gold was something of great value  to them, infact it was used to show appreciation and honour like we use  gold medal and money to honor people today. 

The gold tumor represents the tumor and the gold rat represents the uncleanness (Leviticus 11:29-30). 

Now, a tumor is simply a swelling, that swelling can be cancerous or non-cancerous. A non cancerous tumor can't kill as quick as for these people, this was a strange kind of cancer operating in their midst.

So, am I trying to say if you have cancer, you should make a gold something?...No, not at all.

See, they told them in honor of God, meaning, if they had not honored God, their gold whatever wasn't going to help them at all.

What am trying to bring to your attention is this, honor God!

Perhaps you never got time to thank God or give any offerings to him, give something in honor God, learn to be thankful every day.

Perhaps you never got time to worship him, worship him today, and Continue every day!

But before you do anything, there is one thing that you have to do. You need to believe in the truth first so that your offering and worship will be accepted.

And this is the truth, 

Just as sin entered into the world through one man, forgiveness has also entered into the world through one man Jesus Christ. 

Roman 3:23-25 "since all have sinned and all fall short of the glory of God; they are now justified by his grace as a gift, through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus, 25 whom God put forward as a sacrifice of atonement by his blood, effective through faith"

Will you believe in him today?..Just say this prayer with your mouth,

 "Heavenly father,

 in the name of your son Jesus Christ, 

who died for my sins,

today I accept Him(Jesus) as my personal Lord and savior 

and am ready to walk by his word. 


By believing in the truth, you have cut off the bondages and chains and powers of Satan over your life, now you are the son of the most high God.

If you have anything to honor God with, do so and make this prayer below.

Simple steps for effective prayer.

Get into your room alone, close the door behind you and remove everything in your body that make you think so much of yourself. remove the gold hearings, remove the shoe, the stockings and just be simple.

If you can kneel down, please do so. Put both of your hands on your chest.

Now start praising God, start to sing any gospel song you know, sing what gives honor to him. 

After that, speak with God, you may ask him to forgive you for any wrong you think you did.

Now, put your hand where the pain is, take the authority in the name of Jesus (Luke 10:17-19) and command the tumors to leave you, command the sicknesses to leave you.

Now, start thanking God for the wonderful things he has done in your life, don't forget to close your prayer with songs of praises.

Remember the power given to every believer in Mark 16:16-18, remember your authority in Christ 

A believer Suffering from Tumors, cancers and other sicknesses

Am I trying to say everyone who has tumor or cancer is because they didn't honour God. No, not at all..

Then what else?

The grace Of God.

You were dead through the trespasses and sins in which you once lived, following the course of this world, following the ruler of the power of the air, the spirit that is now at work among those who are disobedient. 

All of us once lived among them in the passions of our flesh, following the desires of flesh and senses, and we were by nature children of wrath, like everyone else. But God, who is rich in mercy, out of the great love with which he loved us even when we were dead through our trespasses, made us alive together with Christ—by grace you have been saved. (Ephesians 2:1-5)

Now the devil has issues with this, he doesn't feel okay when God decided to love us this way, so he wants to blind the minds of the people so that they never come to truly believe in the grace of God as it is. But this mainly apply for those who are already bone again but have issues with sickeness, cancer etc.

The devil does not want them to experience the full grace of God, that's why he keeps inflicting certain Christians with infirmities and disease. So that they loose faith in the finished work of Christ, and also those non believers will not come to believe.

 That's why Peter said, the devil roams around like a lion in fierce anger seeking whom he may devour. (1 Peter 5:8)

And the Lord himself said, the thief only comes to steal, kill and destroy, but I am come that you might have life, and not only life but life in all it's fullness. (John 10:10)

So, doesn't the grace of God protect them? Yes it does. Then why do they suffer? You see, the Grace of God is in such a way that, not only did he forgave our sins, but he also gave us the holy spirit and power to overcome and resist the devil. thats why Paul talked about the full hamer of God.

And James 4:7 made it clear that we should resist the devil and he will flee.

The devil is the one Jesus said "he comes to still kill and destroy, that's why James is saying you should resist him"

You have to learn to exercise your spirit and overcome certain things on your own. God is like a parent who protects you when you are young but when you grow a little older he simply equips you and you will know how to protect yourself.

But at the same time He also watches over us to see that we are progressing steadily, because the love he has for us can not allow him to stay for more than 1 hour without checking on us. Just call unto him and he will answer.

The problem comes when we start to ignor him


I remembered in January 2019, one Sunday morning, I got up and went to church for the first service, I prayed and when I came back from church, I started feeling so sleepy, and I said to myself, since today is a Sunday, I don't have much work to do, let me lay down for a few minutes then I will get up. 

So I went back to bed, just as I placed my head on the bed, I was taken off by a deep sleep and I started seeing a vision, and in that vision, I was saying, "it is coming, it is coming," but I mayself was not seeing what was coming. Then when I said, "it has finally arrived," I was struck by a very strong sickness, great fever and I couldn't lift myself from the bed. it became so real that I work up and foundd myself so  sick and I was dying, then the spirit of God told me, that is the spirit of Malaria and pneumonia, cast it out. Immediatley I started rebuking it in the name of Jesus, "I said, in the name of Jesus, blood of Jesus, in the name of Jesus, leave me" immediately, something moved out of me like a warmth and I became well again. Just few month after that, I was struck by nearly the same thing, and the spirit said to me, that's the spirit of Kidney failure, cast it out. I did and my kidneys ceased paining. 

Now, prepare your self for this prayer.

Get into your room alone, close the door behind you and remove everything in your body that make you think so much of yourself. remove the gold hearings, the remove the shoe, the stockings and just be simple.

Now start praising God, start to sing any gospel song you know. After that, speak with God, you may ask him to forgive you for any wrong you think you did.

Now, take the authority in the name of Jesus and command the tumors to leave you, command the sicknesses to leave you.

Now, start thanking God for the wonderful things he has done in your life, don't forget to close your prayer with songs of praises.

Still remain your friend

Otim Brian Sundison

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