How to overcome evil dreams

Have you ever been disturbed in your dreams where by you see threatening things and sometimes you even see someone strangling….?

I know three things which when you do, either you will never dream evil again or if you happen to dream it again, this time you will defeat every evil coming against you.

1. Start praying daily. In the morning when you wake up pray and read a bible or daily devotional from a trusted preacher. Don’t let what you have read move out of your mind.

Pray also at night while you go to sleep, this time “ask God to cover you with the blood of his precious son Jesus Christ.”

2. Take authority in the name of Jesus against any evil that comes against you, becose his name has been made above all the other names that, at the mention of his name, all kness must now down (demons) must bow down.

Even when you are asleep, learn to call the name Jesus. Just say “Jesus” it’s enough defeat the enemy.


Avoid engaging in evil things, avoid watching evil/dirty movies, reading dirty books, filthy talks..

3. Finally Stop having fear, the scripture says, fear only God who can destroy both body and spirit in fire.

When you do these things, am sure you will come back with a testimony..God bless you

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