Prophecy: Uganda opposition leader to be exiled?

(Message received on 18th, June 2023]

I saw the vision. And in that vision, I saw that the prominent opposition leader in this country (Uganda) was arrested. And being surrounded by solders, he was taken to enter the huge helicopter redy to take off, the helicopter was standing in a field covered with green grass all-over. He was given the last chance to wave at his people and say goodbye. It was a painful moment to many people but that was it.

And he went... Then I asked myself in the vision, are they taking him to prison or exile?... But where they were taking him this time, it seemed like he was going to take too long if not forever.

Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever

Prophecies by: Otim Brian Sundison

Minister @Heavenly Atmosphere

Heavenly Atmosphere, Expressing the life in the word

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