Prophecy concerning Ronaldo, Drogba and the European footballers in the Arab nations


[Message received on July 2nd, 2023]

I saw this vision and I was compelled to publish it.

I saw these European footballers in the Arab world, and then I saw them in this room where some two or three of them were sitted. It seemed like there was a party or function, a small gathering or something I couldn't understand. One of them is called Drogba, I saw him standing around.

And then I saw that, suddenly some of these Arab guys became so chaotic that I saw some of these footballers got attacked and hitted so bad that I doubted whether they survived. This Drogba man was somehow far from the ones who were attacked.

And suddenly I saw this player called Ronaldo just arriving at the door, he was just coming because he was coming from far, he wasn't in the room and didn't know what was happening but immediately he entered, one of these Arab guys, having finished his attack on the ones who were sitted down,  moved and started attacking this player called Drogba, who was standing a short distance from these players. I then saw Drogba trying to escape.

When Ronaldo saw Drogba attacked, he became so afraid that he just picked his bag and laggages at once and took off from the place and I never saw him again in that area.

So this the summery, something will happen in Arabia that will shake the security and lives of these European footballers in the Arab world, and some will be forced to run from the region.

Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. He is the revealer of all these things.

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#The European football world should reorganize their system and bring back humanity and respect back to their football system. They should stop over sacking, misusing the media, and start treating the players and coaches like humans, respecting the sacrifices they give to the club. Don't just look at money.

#God will restore you again but you need to learn a lesson.

Prophesied by: Otim Brian Sundison

Minister@Heavenly Atmosphere

Heavenly Atmosphere, Expressing the life in the word

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