Prophecy: Difficult time will be created in the world and America to fight china

I prayed in the evening and I went to bed.

And I started seeing that we were in a certain place with a large crowd.

But then I saw that, a certain condition was created that made people to be poor, frustrated and desperate.

But then appeared a man, the only one who was solving the problem of every person. But he wasn't operating on his own, there were people behind  him.

The only thing you would do was to write your problems in a paper and present to him.

And so I went with my paper having my issues, and I stood in line waiting to hand in

As it was approaching my turn to hand in my problems to him. He refused my paper yet he accepted for others before me.

He then told me, "if you want me to take your papers to solve your problems, then you must first go and put on a T-shirt written 'Satan'." He then shouted to the crowd, "Everybody must put on a T-shirt written Satan"

[5/21/2021, 21:57] 0️⃣✝️ℹ️Ⓜ️: So I turned and started going back, I was very furious, but then I noticed that there was a very large crowd behind me. People with different problems and issues, looking so desperate and there only hope was on this man. I also saw many of my OBS and OGS but I didn't tell them a thing. But they were also seeming to be having alot of issues.

[5/21/2021, 22:06] 0️⃣✝️ℹ️Ⓜ️: As I was going, I saw one of my friends waiting to have her problems solved. Then I said to her when I was very sad "can you imagine, this man first want all of us to subscribe to Satan, wearing a T-shirt written 'Satan' inorder for him to accept our papers." 

I expected her to also get sad and leave that place but to my surprise, she simply said "yeah" with a very soft voice and she stood there waiting for her turn. She was too tired with her issues that she  just wanted it solved no matter what, and so was the rest of the crowd.

And I said to myself, what are these preachers doing, people don't know what is right. 

I left when I was talking to myself, "I would have preached Christ! I would have preached Christ!"  And I came out.

It was a very long vision but have just chopped it.

[5/21/2021, 22:20] 0️⃣✝️ℹ️Ⓜ️: I was so frustrated because in the dream, it appeared like it was really happening. I knew that man wasn't a good man, but people were not mindful of him but just needed solutions for there problems and I was really disappointed.

And now, I look around and see how America and some world Organisations are trying so hard to force every country that rely on their Aid to sign their wicked bills inorder to continue getting their Aids. But for sure, this deal will all end in tears.

America will be fighting with China

NB: This dream is revealing the future.

This was like a second episode but the continuation of the same dream. 

When I came out of that place, I was feeling guilty within my heart saying, "I could have preached Christ." 

Then I heard a voice from heaven which said to me "look up!." I looked up and there I saw two moon adjacent to each other in the sky. One moon was full and bright and the other moon was also full but had bright rim but inside was dark. The sun was aside far from the two moons but also shining

Then suddenly, I saw two arrows pointing in the sky towards the two moon, then I asked, "what is the meaning of this?" And the voice answered,  

"America and china will be fighting, it will start from the space coming towards the earth." Just as the voice finished saying that, a man was defeated and he fell from the sky to the earth where I  was watching from and he turned and wanted to fight against the innocent people"

I was so frustrated, and I kept telling him, "you are now on earth don't fight us now" but because he lost the fight in the space, he was trying to destroy the innocent people on the earth. And I got up, so afraid. I was even sweating because of this, it was like I also faught.

Now, how does this concern you?

If that war happens the way it is going to happen, everyone will be affected. You too will be affect no matter how far you are from those two countries. Therefore pray that it should not happen, if it will happen, pray that the lives of men will be spared.

Prophesied by:

Otim Brian Sundison

Minister @The Deep Ministry

Heavenly Atmosphere, Expressing the life in the word


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  1. This current situation of the world needs prayer. Save us Lord from the minds and plans of evil nations. In Jesus name. Amen🙏

  2. Am watching this Prophecy being fulfilled part by part. Save us oh Lord Jesus Christ

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